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Bathing Services

We offer many pet care services for your furry friends.  We do not offer full hair cut styles, but we do offer day drop-off services for bathing/brush out, nail trim, gland expression, ear cleaning, ear plucking, and sanitary trims.

We offer discounts on bathing after boarding!

Bathing Services 

(bath, blow out, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning & gland expression upon request)

0-25 pounds $25.00

25-50 pounds $35.00

50-100 pounds $45.00


A La Carte Services

Nail Trim $10.00

Nail Trim & Dremmel $15.00

Gland Expression $15.00

Sanitary Trim $15.00

Ear Cleaning $10.00

Ear Plucking $10.00

Bath After Boarding (Bath Only)

0-50 pounds $15.00

50-100 pounds $25.00


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